Two Lives in Waltz Time
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Fred and Ginger never had it this rough.Maddy Cardinale loves her art restoration job at a prestigious New York museum. She wouldn’t even mind working the night shift if it wasn’t for her annoying colleague, Cash Vinci. Charismatic, confident to a fault, sexy as hell…Cash seems bound and determined to get under her skin.Cash’s specialty is ancient weaponry —knives, swords, clubs —but when it comes to sharp, nothing comes close to Maddy’s icy wit. If only she’d learn to lighten up, she’d see that appearances are deceiving. Just thinking about touching that amazing skin of hers makes him break into a sweat.An unusual painting’s arrival provides a welcome distraction —until a fleeting touch unleashes a magic that flings them out of their workshop and into the 1940s nightclub portrayed on the canvas. They’re dressed to kill, and so are the mobsters and molls who surround them. Worse, they learn all too quickly that the club sells more than drinks.Trapped in a deadly dance, they race to unravel the spell that traps them in a world where the only safe place is Cash’s bed. On that fragile foundation, they forge a trust that just might grow into something lasting. If their dance isn’t cut short…Warning: Contains dashing men in tuxes, glamorous women in ballgowns, and more magic than you can shake a stick at.