The Adventures of Rusty
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Rusty, the traveling terrier tour guide, is off to Maine. He is looking for adventure as he explores lakes, ponds, streams, trails, and encounters wild animals. En route he stops at Dog Mountain in Vermont, a beautiful spiritual setting dedicated to dogs. Then he is off to Rangeley, Maine, to stay at the beautiful Rangeley Resort on Rangeley Lake. Nearby, the homesite of Wilhelm Reich, a scientist and physician, fascinates Rusty with the beauty of nature and the mystery of Dr. Reich?s discoveries. Cascade Gorge Trail with its many waterfalls and rocky cliffs is a fantastic playground and keeps Rusty on his toes. South Bog is a place for swimming, hiking, walking over narrow bridges, and meeting up with a friend. Rusty explores the huge Bigelow Preserve with its crystal clear waters, takes a side trip to an exotic hotel in New Hampshire, and visits the wild canyon of Screw Auger Falls.

Exhibited At: International book fairs