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Luoshu Hetu: Exploration into the Formation of Civilization from CPG, International Media Co, Ltd

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    Zhonghua Book Company
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  • CPG, International Media Co, Ltd
CPG, International Media Co, Ltd

Offered By CPG, International Media Co, Ltd

China Publishing Group (CPG) is a national publishing institution established on April 9th, 2002 with the approval of the State Council. On March 25th 2004, the State Council authorised the establishment of China Publishing Group Corporation which exercises the rights of contributiors over the asse...

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This is a work that lays out the thinking and scholarship of Mr. Cheng over the years as he studied ancient Chinese civilization; his opinions are stunning and refreshing. By sorting out the developmental vein of ancient civilization from the unique perspective of its formation, this book restores the legendary river map, Luoshu graphics, and connotations for the very first time. This book is beautifully and elegantly printed: it has a soft leather hardcover, full-color text, nearly four hundred large illustrations, and wonderful reproductions of development clues from ancient Chinese civilization. It won the "2014 Annual China Book Industry Award • Book of the Year" and the "Boku Library National Reading Weekly Spring Book List" Silver Book Award.

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A Cheng, whose ancestral home is Jiangjin, Chongqing, was born in Beijing. He is an important writer of contemporary root-seeking novels. His representative work is the novel Chess King.