The Rain People
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More About This Title The Rain People


The Rain People tells us that a lonely boy makes new friends in the rain. The boy loves rain and everything in the rain. He finds that a silver rain flower will bloom when the raindrops fall from the sky and hit the ground, but he feels sad because the rain flower’s life is
shorter than epiphyllum. One day, he finds the raindrop doesn’t become rain flowers anymore but rather many crystal-bright rain men when they hit the ground. The joyful singing of the rain men makes him want to join them in dancing and singing. His eager hope and insistent heart give him strength, which makes him become a rain man and he plays with other rain men.


Jin Bo is a professor to the Musical Department of Capital Normal University, member of the National Committee of Supervising Chinese Textbooks, and member of the Children’s Literature Committee at the Chinese Writers’ Association.