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The Night before Chinese New Year by Qi Zhi from Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)

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    April 29, 2014

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  • Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)
Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)

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This book, which came after the novel Open Sesame, is a novel for children, written by the famous writer Qi Zhi. This novel pays attention to a special social group which we call the "left—behind children" and tells us a tender story about a teenager and his friends.

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It’s the winter holiday, and ten-year-old Trickle and his friends have to wait one more month before the Chinese New Year begins. There’s Liu Jinhui, who’s always jumping
the gun; Wang Bing, who ties balloons onto a dog and makes him float; Sun Dingyuan, who hides a goat up in a tree; and Xiong Yifei, who gets some bad news…Each has their own hopes and dreams as the New Year approaches. And for Trickle, the day before New Year is when he finally
gets to be reunited with his father, who spends all year working in the city, as he comes back to spend the holiday with his family…

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Qi Zhi, office director of Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, is also a writer and poet. He is now a member of the Chinese Writers’ Association. He has been engaged in writing for over 20 years, publishing a number of works including Breath, Open Sesame, The villain, Paper Wedding and so on. In 2014, his children’s novel The Night before Chinese New Year won the National Five Top Project Award.