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Snuggling by Ding Jie from Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)

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    April 29, 2015

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  • Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)
Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc. (PPM)

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Phoenix Publishing and Media, Inc., one fo the most influential and largest publishing and distribution enterprises in China, is endowed with content production superiority and channel superiority. It is not only a leading enterprise in the publishing and distribution industry across the country, b...

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Snuggling tells the story of the love between a twenty-four-year-old man and a thirty-two-year-old woman. On arriving at the remote snow-covered land of Yabulisi and realising that he has lost both his ID and his luggage, the young painter Luan Xiaotian meets a bar singer called Anfen, who decides to take care of him.They fall in love with each other, and forget all about worldly things such as their social status, where they come from, and their age difference. They go out together to explore the snow-covered vastness beyond the resort, and make love in the open country under a starry sky. On a narrow and dim balcony at the resort they talk about the good and the bad in mankind, and tell each other the stories of their first encounter with love. Their romance is only a small part of the novel. The more you read, the closer you come to the origins of their pains and humiliations, and to the truth of their story. The trauma the boy went through when he entered puberty and had his first emission, the girl’s painful experience of her first period, as well as their strong adolescent impulse towards love, have triggered a series of critical misfortunes, including even a case of murder…

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Ding Jie has been described in the media and by critics as “a writer for the youth” and as a “soul writer”. He has been known for his literary talent from a very young age, having started to write prolifically from the age of fourteen. He was later admitted to university on account of this talent, having been exempt from taking the entrance examinations. He has had many different life experiences during his youth, havinglived in many different places, from large cosmopolitan cities to rather backward remote regions. That period of his life was filled with both excitement and hardship.Having now reached his middle age, he has made a return to writing. His long fiction and youth literature works have received many literary awards. He is currently a member of the China Writers’ Associations, and vice-president of the Writers’ Association of Nanjing.