Big Potato,the Pilot
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More About This Title Big Potato,the Pilot


“Big Potato” is the nickname of the young boy, Dai Doudou. He loves to play pretend aeroplanes, and one day his friends gather in a large crowd, queueing up to be passengers in his 'plane'. They wait and wait, until they get bored and decide to play pretend trains instead. In the end they still set off together, headed toward Paris! This story of a group of friends playing a game is told from a child's viewpoint, showing their conversations and actions, revealing their thoughts and feelings. Full of childlike innocence and fun, it is sure to please the little ones!


Mei Zihan is a famous children's literature writer, professor of humanities college in Shanghai Normal University, doctoral supervisor, a member of Chinese Writers Association, director of Shanghai Children's Association. He published the children's novel Daughter’s Story, Dai Xiaoqiao and his buddy, a collection of short stories for children The story of Mr. Cao Dimin, Investigation of ghosts, and theoretic work such as The theory of children's fiction narrative typ, etc., and author of a children's literature reading book Believe in the fairy tales, Reading children’s literature etc.