Bugs Bugs Bugs Everywhere There Are Bugs
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More About This Title Bugs Bugs Bugs Everywhere There Are Bugs


Bugs Bugs Bugs High or low Friends or foes Squeals or tears Phobias or fears They get in your hair They get in your eyes Find here or find them there Little bugs are found everywhere . . . This is a fun children's picture book, which adults can easily relate too and enjoy with their children. It helps children of a early age to realise that bugs are all around and hopefully teaches them something about bugs habitats and there is no real need to fear bugs. But also to be aware that some bugs can be harmful to them. I have used the word Bugs loosely in this book and this needs to be taken into account when considering this book. Some of the creatures I have used are not true Bugs, but are generally considered as Bugs or Insects by the general public. An example of this is my use of spiders, which are not true Bugs.

Exhibited At: International book fairs