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More About This Title Psyche-Soul-ology


Providing insight into the lives of troubled, at-risk, and high-risk kids, Psyche-Soul-ology offers a new approach to mentor this segment of the population to produce favorable outcomes. Author Dr. David L. Roberts, a practicing psychologist, presents a model that includes focusing on both the minds of the youths and their souls. A companion to At the Mercy of Externals, also by Roberts, this edition provides a practical guide for social services personnel who work with troubled kids. Offering appropriate and specific case examples, Psyche-Soul-ology addresses everything from myths to misperceptions relative to issues of psychological development, sexuality, addiction, criminality, and intelligence, all mixed with proven approaches that maximize efforts to reach and guide kids successfully into their respective and subjective futures. This guide revisits the RFLAGS Model and introduces the codes of ethics, codes of conduct, and the concept of moral development and responsibilities that are needed to shape our value systems and the way we prioritize things in our lives. Psyche-Soul-ology provides the resources and practical techniques to take kids and adults out of the bondage to external factors and gives them the internal perspective needed to successfully move forward in life.

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