The Costa
The Costa
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Following his wife's untimely death, ex-soldier and troubleshooter Bric Carlson escapes to Marbella on the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain. Beginning his new life as a bar owner, he falls foul of London mobster Honey Robinson?s efforts to control the cocaine trade on the Costa. Bric soon finds himself in the center of a power struggle between Robinson and a rival Moroccan gang, an influential tycoon and a colorful police detective from Gibraltar. Bric is sucked into a world of drugs, violence, corruption, and murder while a mysterious assassin lurks in the shadows. His past comes back to haunt him as he struggles for survival, but Bric is determined not to give in to kidnapping and intimidation, even at the risk of losing the woman he loves. Fighting back against the drug traffickers and the corrupt police protecting them, Bric recruits the support of an unlikely group from both sides of the law.

Exhibited At: International book fairs