Awaken My Soul
Poetry for the soul (mind)
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More About This Title Awaken My Soul


"Do you have a longing for poetry that speaks to your heart? Are you deep thinker? Are you looking to be motivated in your personal walk with God? This book consists of poetry relevant to the issues of life and is faith driven to inspire one with the courage to overcome.

Here's the brief excerpt from (The work Begun)

There is an ugly emptiness
That weighs heavy on the inside of me
If I should dare allow my mind to explore
The thought of...

Unfulfilled destiny
For I am driven!
Driven with every fiber of my being
To lay hold on the prize that is in front of me
Though it hangs dangling before me
Like a ripe tasty piece of fruit
Teasingly out of reach
As my mouth waters,
I can taste it!
I can taste the..."

Exhibited At: International book fairs