Panic Disorder - The Choice and Willpower to Survive
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More About This Title Panic Disorder - The Choice and Willpower to Survive


Happy survivor or unhappy survivor?your choice. We all have a limit to tolerance. We may think our capacity for tolerance is huge. However, our body has a different opinion and reacts to your troubles. This book was written in the hope to help people around the world facing stress in their life and to balance life so as to prevent panic disorder to ever happen. A cluttered mind is like a piece of onion. Over the years, even small, unresolved issues become layers, and if we do not make an effort to eliminate them fast, they linger. We need to peel them off consciously. The heart connects more strongly with the mind compared to a vivid eyesight. A diagnosis on your mental condition is not much different from a diagnosis on any other serious medical condition. Only through acceptance, the next step of procuring a better and happier life in a long or short period of time can this be achieved. By accepting who you are, you become free, and freedom is power. Be mindful that there is hope. You need to believe in yourself more than anyone else can. Never allow anyone to take your dreams away. It is important to identify the cycle that triggers the anxiety and panic attacks, especially the vicious ones. Upon identifying, break it and change the cycle. In other words, the diagnosis may actually turn out to be the best thing that happened to you! While only patients can actually know how it feels, caregivers should continuously believe in and focus on the strengths of the patient. If you can raise their self-esteem with words of encouragement and touches of love, your support becomes invaluable.

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