Seven Universal Principles and the Seventh Sense
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One of the main goals of modern physics is to realize a single theory that will be able to unify the various theories and describe the universe with all its known and unknown facets. In order to find a unifying theory we must observe the universe and try to understand the universal laws that regulate all its parts. It becomes obvious that chemistry and physics are not enough to solve the riddle or explain the full complexity of the physiology of the human body. It is only when we add the energetic dimension to chemistry and physics that we understand the full expression of human life in every dimension. In this book the author present a new theory based on seven laws that embrace the universe and unify the forces of physics, biology, physiology, religion and spirituality. A new paradigm that links different cultures and different disciplines, science with philosophy, physics with spirituality and arts with mathematics. ... He compare the quantum realm and spirituality and gives a practical method to develop the seventh sense by which we can have access to the spiritual world and quantum realm in order to obtain information directly from the patient without using our five senses which are limited in space and time. A new definition of the basic concepts in medicine such as homeostasis, well being, malaise and disease and give the basis for a new model of diagnosis and treatment, that increases the awareness of the psychological-physical connection, enhance each person?s capacity for self-knowledge and self-care, and promote the development of higher states of harmony and wholeness in the complex mind-energy-body connection in order to feel fulfill and achieve happiness.

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