O Fortuna
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Luck, be a Lady… The Arkadia Trilogy, Book 2 Robyn Goodfellow, the former Larry Cresswell, has just deposed the Goblin Queene of Faerie and freed his people from bondage. But he's unable to face his true parentage or own up to the responsibilities of being a liberator. Robyn returns to Earth, (specifically, Portland, Oregon), and begins living bohemian and trying to pass for human. His first mistake: Robyn's rebound girlfriend is an Angel. Specifically, Lucifer's big sister Alisander, first among the Heavenly Host. History knows her as Fortune, or more recently, Lady Luck. And she's wanted in Arkadia, for all the right reasons… and some of the wrong ones. In this sequel to Blood of Eden, follow Robyn back for an even more savage return to Arkadia, in which the question of his own true origins is revealed after a front-lines tour of duty in the war between Heaven and Hell.