The Wars of Shadow: Attrition
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Uneasy alliance… Book One of the Tales of the Languishing Sphere. “Unify my people. Eliminate the chaff.” Dark Mage Kaleth DaSuna will stop at nothing to achieve what his god demands, not even a genocidal war using his murderous Blacksuits, an army of soldiers raised from the dead. Damera awakens from battle to find he has become one of Kaleth's ghastly horde. He is sworn to snuff out the NightPath, but as the death toll mounts, he becomes sickened by the senseless slaughter. Young prince and brilliant tactician Maras NightPath, with his sister Princess Alexia, lead their ragtag army to a bloody stalemate against Kaleth's deadly force of black-armored warriors. Then they find themselves with an unexpected ally. Damera. The NightPaths must find a way to trust one of the most violent soldiers in Kaleth's arsenal —a deadly Blacksuit —or this war will be the death of them all.