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BITTER FREEDOM now has a Florida Publishers Asssociation, Presidnets Award..

MOM'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER for Adult Book, Biographies and Memoirs HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

During World War II, Jafa Wallach, her husband Naton and Jafa's tow brothers were concealed in a grave-like space less then five feet across and about four feet high. They lived in that hole less then twenty feet from Gestapo headquarters in a small town in occupied Poland for twenty two months. They were unable to emerge and were entirely dependent on one man, Jozef Zwonarz, who risked his life and the lives of his entire family to keep Jafa and her family alive.


Bitter Freedom was originally written in , but remained unpublished until Jafa Wallach's daughter, Rena Bernstein published it privately in .

Jafa Wallach lived in Brooklyn NY until her death on August th at the ageof . Her daughter Rena, an artist, still lives in Brooklyn with her husband Vlad. Rena is also a surviver and figures prominently in Bitter Freedom.


In spite of the many endless hours spent reading personal narratives and memoirs about the tragedy of the Holocaust, no rendition has engaged me to the extent of utter and complete rage toward man’s inhumanity toward man. Jafa Wallach’s Bitter Freedom did so quite effortlessly. Ms. Wallach is due praise and awe for this raw truth about the unspeakable atrocities suffered by her family and countless other innocent people.”

— Janis F. Kearney, personal diarist too President William J. Clinton, author of Cotton Field of Dreams: A Memoir and Something to Write Home About: Memories of a Presidential Diarist; Publisher, Writing Our World Press

“Bitter Freedom is a fine example of a tautly written account that needs nothing but facts and one woman’s commitment to telling of these facts to make this an exceptional read.“—Dindy Yokel, ForeWord Reviews,

Face to face with evil, it can be hard to scourge such events from one’s mind. “Bitter Freedom” is a memoir from Jafa Wallach, as she shares her personal journey as a Polish Jew, how her tormentors were always not so far away and how the experience remains with you all of your life, even when you hang in there for seven decades after the fact. “Bitter Freedom” is a powerful read for memoir collections focusing on the Holocaust.
-Midwest Book Reviews

Winner - MOM'S CHOICE AWARDS - Adult Book, Biographies and Memoirs

Exhibited At: International book fairs