Rolling a Kayak
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The roll is one of the most important paddling techniques for kayakers. As long as you don't mind getting your head wet, you can learn to do it!

Rolling a Kayak is Ken Whiting's sixth book on kayaking technique and the most comprehensive, clear and concise guide to learning and perfecting the roll. Written for both whitewater and sea kayakers, this book provides novice kayakers with foundation skills and step-by-step instruction for the standard rolls, such as the C-to-C, Sweep and Pawlata rolls. Experienced paddlers can take advantage of Ken's clear explanations of how to execute advanced rolling techniques, including the Back Deck, Hand, and Dry Head rolls, as well as how to roll in current, waves, holes and ocean surf.

Ken also describes the most common problems that are encountered when learning the various types of rolls, and provides both their solutions as well as tricks for instructors to help students overcome them.

This large format, full color book features underwater photography to illustrate each step of the different rolls, making it easy to see and understand how each one is done.


*About the equipment

*The fundamental skills

*The standard C-to-C, Sweep and Pawlata rolls

*Tips for teaching the roll

*The Offside, Hand, Back Deck and Dry Head rolls

*How to roll in rough water

*About common errors and their solutions