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It is worrisome that the modern educational sectors are deteriorating gradually. Our standard of education has declined to a state where drastic effort is needed urgently to correct the situation, or the future of our great nations, even our world in general, will be defeated. Today, most youths no longer study to acquire knowledge; rather, they study to acquire certificates. That's why most our graduates lacked the relevant knowledge, ideas and information to contribute to the global economies. The school is where most youths will probably spend about seventeen years of their life. These can be years of drudgery or of discovery. However, the school should be a place of discovery. Much depends on how you use those school years. Jerry Young and David Filo created the first web dictionary while they were students at Stanford University, and they went on to found Yahoo after their graduation. Mark Zuckerberg founded the Facebook while still a student at Harvard University. The school is where you acquire the relevant knowledge and ideas that will enable you to discover and develop your inborn abilities and talents and, thereby, become an effective person in life and make a noteworthy contribution to your World. The book project the keys to academic excellence in students, teachers and everyone in the educational sectors Read this book, and you will learn: 1. The keys to academic achievement. 2. The major difference between excellent and average students. 3. How to overcome academic failures. 4. The major factors to be considered before pursuing an academic field. What do you intend to become in life? Are you a law student aspiring to become the next Lord Atkins, or a medical student aspiring to become the next Ben Carson who will make a mark on the medical world? Are you a science student who desires to make a new discovery in the science world, or a political science student who wants to change the political history of your locality? The secrets revealed in this book will lead you to achieving success in your academic pursuit and attain greatness in your academic and life pursuits.