The Monkey's Child
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ANDRAS SELF DEVELOPMENT WORKBOOK The ANDRAS workbook explores new fields of thought and feeling in human motivation, helping you to make sense of life?s experiences ? some of which, at times, overwhelm us. The aim is to give you an explanation of the incredible logic of the human mind and to understand why we continue to do the things we would rather not do at all. This study has immediate rewards as it is supposed that you will be using your own experiences as a reference at all times. Insights not thought of up until now will challenge many of your set ideas and your world-view. It will also motivate you in your persistency for your personal search for one of the greatest of all virtues ? your search for truth. This ANDRAS workbook will give you answers to long-asked questions. By responding as truthfully as you can (even to asking people close to you for the answers) when completing the activities on the right hand pages, you will get inner satisfaction in realms philosophical, physical and metaphysical. This workbook will also give you techniques to implement change that will give you control over the day-to-day unwanted repeating patterns that consume so much energy and time. The ANDRAS workbook is based on the premise that the individual can be in control of his or her own destiny and that we create the ?reality? we call our ?fate?. Change can take place in your life by the application of free thought-power and free will-power ? if you take the necessary effort to unlock that power of thought and will. The ANDRAS workbook explains how the pictures we carry in the subconscious mind creates the life in our destiny and that we can access any negative pictures and resolve the associated feeling in a symbolic process to create a chosen picture reflecting your real worth. The challenge to you is to learn HOW TO BELIEVE in those chosen pictures and let the pictures and your thoughts move in harmony on to your chosen words and then into planned action to productive achievement. Belief is the hardest part of any personal development. The ANDRAS workbook also explains the mechanics that you can apply to the processes you will learn. How you can assert influence in your outer surroundings with a strong inner sense of conviction and sound principle. This is the beginning of genuine inner knowing and you are introduced to the Wisdom Grid, which, in conjunction with the tool of Choice, will deepen your understanding of individual and collective behaviors to prompt you to communicate at a deeper and much more intuitive level ? being true to yourself and the universal laws of love and grace.

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