Fatal Consequences
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A senior police officer is brutally murdered at a bogus domestic disturbance in an unoccupied house in a quiet street on Sydney's North Shore. Assigned to the case is the infamous chief inspector Stephen Dunn with his sidekick, Detective Sergeant Raymond Ellis, from Sydney?s largest police headquarters overlooking the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

The finger points to several suspects, one of which has them travelling across Australia to Perth where Dunn has the daunting prospects of coming face to face with his past when he meets up with his ex-wife and old friend.

The two detectives survive a near-death experience, and after further investigations, it occurs to them that the culprit may be closer to home than they first thought when they discover a colleague is hiding secrets of his own.

No matter what position we hold in life, we are all capable of committing murder.

Exhibited At: International book fairs