Green Eyes in the Amazon
". . . an intriguing suspense novel that explores the conflict of science and religion.” —Midwest Book Review

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Dr. Steven Sumpter, a brilliant biologist and mathematician, has a radical thesis: All the processes of life can be distilled to an elegant algorithm. His groundbreaking idea is a leap in evolution . . . and a heretical violation of the Mutant Laws. In a world powered by religion and a fear of science, Steven’s work is seen as an abomination that must be destroyed. Desperate Steven and his girlfriend, Eli flee to a remote part of the Amazon forest. There they must survive the elements, a murderous crew, and powerful factions hell-bent on finding them. Ultimately, the fate of humankind rests in the hands of Julia, the fruit of Steven’s algorithms and a young girl, a new Eve.


Full of adventure, curiosity, humor, and a little bit of mischief, P. J. Fischer was a Tom Sawyer kind of boy growing up in Salem, Oregon. His siblings still tease him about his science experiments, one that nearly blew up their house and another that turned their front lawn brown.

Gifted—or was it cursed?—with a vivid imagination, Fischer was always searching for answers, a trait that naturally drew him to science and eventually to a BS in chemical engineering. He also went on to earn an MBA, a doctorate in finance, and a law degree.

Today, the author resides with his wife in New York City, where he analyzes numbers and trends. But Fischer still makes time for his passions: archeology, history, philosophy, photography, poetry, and, of course, writing. His longstanding fascination with science and its potential permeates his novels, which center on such themes as bioethics and evolution, and their impact on our lives.


“[A] thrilling page-turner...I can highly recommend this action-packed adventure to all readers who love science, unusual characters and, simply, a great story.”
—Brian Schwartz, professor of physics, vice president for research and sponsored programs, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York

“Heresy is still heresy, even when you’re right. Green Eyes in the Amazon is the story of biologist Steven Sumpter, a man who has made many great leaps in biology. But there are those who still hold faith as entirely too sacred, leaving Dr. Sumpter fearing for his life and the lives of his family, as they are forced to flee to most remote parts of the world. Green Eyes in the Amazon is an intriguing suspense novel that explores the conflict of science and religion.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Green Eyes takes a dead-on look at how science and religion both have the potential for good and evil, sometimes simultaneously. Set in an all-too-real world in which religion holds mind (and body)—destroying power and science is looked at as a fearful menace, this is a novel of adventure and ideas that packs more than a bit of a punch.”
—Dan Hays, freelance journalist