Julia and the Dream Maker
“ . . . the future of science, all science, is not what it used to be.” —The Kansas City Star

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Three graduate students in search of a little extra money create a toy for profit that pushes the limits of artificial intelligence and changes their future. One student lands in jail charged with violating genetic manipulation laws, while another becomes more deeply involved with their creation, Julia. Elements of science and fiction intertwine in this compelling tale. A new era of human history is ushered in through the enterprising activities of cash-strapped graduate students. There’s a fine line between “can” and “should.” In Julia and the Dream Maker, P. J. Fischer asks what would happen if we choose “can” and tamper with evolution?


Full of adventure, curiosity, humor, and a little bit of mischief, P. J. Fischer was a Tom Sawyer kind of boy growing up in Salem, Oregon. His siblings still tease him about his science experiments, one that nearly blew up their house and another that turned their front lawn brown.

Gifted—or was it cursed?—with a vivid imagination, Fischer was always searching for answers, a trait that naturally drew him to science and eventually to a BS in chemical engineering. He also went on to earn an MBA, a doctorate in finance, and a law degree.

Today, the author resides with his wife in New York City, where he analyzes numbers and trends. But Fischer still makes time for his passions: archeology, history, philosophy, photography, poetry, and, of course, writing. His longstanding fascination with science and its potential permeates his novels, which center on such themes as bioethics and evolution, and their impact on our lives.


“Blending science fiction with heavy doses of theology and biology, Fischer’s novel is a deep, thought-provoking work.”
—Barnes & Noble.com

“. . . Julia delivers the goods. . . . Fischer’s premise is a whopper, that life on Earth can be expressed as a series of mathematical equations that, if let loose in the data-rich web of cyberspace, will mutate in marvelous, unpredictable ways.”
—Willamette Week

“ . . . the future of science, all science, is not what it used to be.”
—The Kansas City Star

“P. J. Fischer has a true storyteller’s talent . . . Highly recommended and entertaining reading for science fiction fans, Julia and the Dream Maker will leave the reader looking eagerly forward to the next book in Fischer’s deftly crafted series.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Fischer’s world is strong on imagery . . . A successful introduction to the series.”
—The Denver Post

“One need not be a techno-geek to appreciate . . . the cliffhanger ending that gets Fischer’s planned multi-volume series off to an auspicious start.”
—ForeWord Magazine

“An eloquently written novel . . . Leaves you wanting more.”

“A ripping good yarn.”
—Nth Degree, The Fiction and Fandom 'Zine

“Fischer uses science set in the near future, but there are also elements of something more.”
—WSFA Journal

“The characters are three-dimensional. . . . The problem of the unforeseen consequences of scientific discovery is made explicit.”
—Science Books & Film

“You might just find yourself hooked.”
—Statesman Journal