Positively M. A. D.
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Featuring contributions by more than 50 of Berrett-Koehler's most renowned authors, Positively M.A.D. is a collection of stories about real people making real changes, large and small, in their organizations and communities. The founder of an adoption agency specialzing in placing "unadoptable" children. A former big-city mayor, the son of a convict, who now works with the children of convicts. A psychiatrist who was able to take his severely ill patients to their first Chicago Bears game by unexpectedly tapping into the kindness of the fans. An office worker who transforms a malcontent colleague with the gift of a chocolate cake. A woman who salvages used computers and donates them to Africa.

These engaging, optimistic, "can do" vignettes-organized around twelve different "lessons" that provide the chapter headings-are designed to inspire people to resolve their disillusionment by getting off the couch and doing something.

As editor Bill Treasurer writes, "Regardless of our station in life, each of us is entitled, and perhaps obliged, to etch our initials onto the tree of humanity. Despite the complexity of the world's problems and inadequacies, and despite our own frustration with the current state of affairs, we can indeed Make A Difference."