Courageous Training
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Dozens of books have been written about how to do training more effectively, with more impact, and so on. Yet despite all that well-meaning advice, of the $70 billion spent on training in the U. S., only 12-15 percent actually gets applied in ways that contribute tangible value to organizations.

But Tim Mooney and Robert Brinkerhoff have discovered that some iconoclastic trainers achieve breakthrough results by having the courage to break away from the usual approaches and identify what is really needed and what really works. Studying why these bold training leaders were so successful implementing Brinkerhoff and Mooney’s High Impact Learning tools and methods led them to distill the principles and practices outlined in Courageous Training.

Mooney and Brinkerhoff lay out the Four Pillars of Courageous Training, illustrating each with real-life examples that highlight specific concepts, methods, and tools. Going deeper, they delve into the mindset needed to truly transform training, which they summarize in the Courageous Training Code. And they present four in-depth case studies, written by training leaders in major organizations, showing the audacious actions these leaders took to produce dramatic—and measurable—business results.