A Stockton Story
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Naftali Ross had lost Eddy, his best friend and younger brother, to a drunken driver just a year before meeting another seventeen-year-old Eddy who is wounded and dying. He feels compelled to find the killer, as does homicide detective, Dano Obanion. Dano's search is complicated by fifty healthy marijuana plants, Eddy's popularity with everyone who knew him and the distraction of a woman who claims to have killed her husband only an hour before when the man has been dead for days. Naftali's investigation leads him to the middle of a gangland shootout, a brave teenager whom he tries to protect from a felony charge and a calculating child psychologist. Meanwhile he must deal with his own symptoms which he believes come from Asperger's Syndrome, Eddy's twin sister, who has developed an embarrassing crush on him, and a grieving pit bull.

Exhibited At: International book fairs