Requiem for the Author of Frankenstein
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REQUIEM FOR THE AUTHOR OF FRANKENSTEIN plunges readers into the life of Mary Shelley and her riveting encounters with Coleridge, Byron, Percy Shelley, Blake, and other luminaries of the Romantic Era. This large cast of colorful characters come fully to life in a their 19th century landscape Dwyer as given us Shelley's world, from the dirty, scary streets of downtown London to the scenic countryside of Pisa and Lerici, the Italian fishing village where Percy Shelley lived before his fateful drowning. REQUIEM FOR THE AUTHOR OF FRANKENSTEIN sheds light on the revolutionary life and achievements of Mary Shelley, a gifted writer and independent woman far ahead of her time. But its more than a historical novel; the narrative swims back and forth across time as the reader follows modern day protagonist, Anna Trevor into a labyrinth of haunted dream corridors and, like Anna, must grapple with genuine questions about the relationship between dream and reality.