Mile Post 104 and Beyond
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Robert (Bob) Wells grew up in northwestern Ontario in the 1940?s. Mile Post 104 and Beyond is an anecdotal collection of reminiscences and short stories about life in the Canadian bush. His familiar surroundings were the lakes and the forests, three younger brothers and the few people living in the area, chiefly of native or recent immigrant stock. An accomplished hunter, by the ripe old age of 11, he was his family?s main protean provider. After high school in Wisconsin he returned to a life of guiding fishers and moose hunters and fur trapping. Marrying Inge, together they survived seven winters running a trap-line, raised a son, and his twenty-eight year career as an Ontario Conservation Officer. After his early retirement and some travelling outside of Canada, they now live in Kingston, Ontario, where they maintain a balance between urban, lakes and forest. His intimate knowledge of, and respect for, the natural environment, along with his warm personality and ability to make and keep friends, distinguish him. His stories highlight an eclectic and unforgettable group of characters. Mile Post 104 and Beyond shares one man?s love of nature and carries a strong message for all of us to respect our natural world and each other. Bob Wells brings us some glimpses, both insightful and entertaining, of a Canada that was. Gerard Wyatt, Professor Emeritus, Queen?s University at Kingston

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