Broken Face
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Zuzu Alexi Cupido?s introspective style resonates in this poignant tale of wrongful persecution. Broken Face tells the story of Sandra, a devoted employee of Corporate Z for 21 years during the transformation phase of the country?s Democracy. Up until the fateful day of 15 December 2009 she lived a quite an ordinary life. She worked hard to raise her two daughters as a single mother. She danced with friends on Saturdays went to church on Sundays. Her life was an archetype of normalcy and most of her days were as predictable as a song known off by heart ? all except for that day.That day everything briskly began to unravel her porcelain life. She was forced to go onto the battlefield to fight against the injustice to rescue her family and claim back her name. Sandra displays the indelible resilience of the human spirit. It?s a universal tale of triumph against the odds and standing up against the might of oppression in order to prevail with one?s dignity in tact. Her story teaches us the profound lesson that an injustice and turbulent world may be able to break one?s fragile face but never the soul.

Exhibited At: International book fairs