A New Chronology for Old Testament Times
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More About This Title A New Chronology for Old Testament Times


This book brings solutions to a very great list of hitherto unsolved chronological and synchronisation problems. The reason why those solutions could be found lies in the extensive research the author made in old and often rare texts instead of limiting himself to the near exclusive source of the Bible. Ample use has been made of information that is available in works like the Books of Enoch, The Apocrypha, The Legends of the Jews, The Seder Olam, the Book of Jasher and many more, as well as in the texts from known historians like Herodotus and the famous Jewish historian and priest Flavius Josephus Just a few of the many special findings are: ? The real reason why Joseph was so popular with the Pharaoh. ? Sarah was not Abraham?s (half)-sister. ? Moses was uncircumcised and even forbade the ritual for 40 years. ? Terah was not 70 years old when he begat Abraham. ? The exact period of the Judges: when they started and when they ended. ? A solution for the verse of the ?about 450 years? of Paul?s speech. ? Why did the Lord God give form and then blew life into Adam? ? Eve was not made out of Adam?s rib but from another body part ? A solution to the ?impossible synchronism? of Judah and his sons. ? Enoch made not one but 4 trips to Heaven. ? The definitive answer: why did King Josiah attack Necho II? ? Why did King Ahab not fight at Qarqar? And many more. The book has a unique style. It has nothing of the ?study book? , difficult to understand texts. The subject is serious, well researched, and treated with respect. But that does not mean that it cannot be presented at a fast moving pace, in easy to read style with here and there even a bit of humour. The purpose of the book is to prove that the promise that the Lord God made to Adam was kept. It held that there would be exactly 5500 years between the arrival of Adam in this world and the arrival of Christ. Every person who was of importance in that timespan has been visited. For every single one there are his years of birth and death or the years of his rule. Every person has a short story about some important part of his life, his actions or the influence he had on the history of the Hebrew people that lived in that period.

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