Poetically Correct
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Ms. Louise magnifies into verse, using a variety of creative formats, the very questions that arise during certain events we are a part of both personally and globally. At the forefront is the media, chosen by the few and fed to the many. Much of this author's work had been accepted and printed until the poem "Sunday Hypocrite" got censured for the raw truth it conveyed. Told that, "Freedom of The Press", had only to do with "their freedom to choose" what is best for the public to read. This book covers the last eight years, specifically by date. The opening Mag-Art is more potent in full color as it alters advertising, using various mediums, to eliminate the message that we must buy into a material world. No other poetry book is to be found about real people, places and events, in chronological order, in poetic verse that speaks to you, rather than above you. This is a part of me for that part of you. ?With Poetically Correct, Louise declares that ?poets defined this country.? She does not believe that truth is found in newspapers or politicians? speeches. Instead, Louise points to poetry as society?s truth teller. She asks the reader to consider human behavior, the impact of silence, and what freedom really means.? - ForeWord Clarion Review (4 out of 5 stars) ?Acknowledging C.S. Lewis and Dr. Seuss as influences, Louise?s poems contain those authors? respective emphases on transcendent morality and a child-like embrace of the wonders of the world.? - BlueInk Review ?An engaging collection of poems.? - Kirkus Reviews

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