Cat Walk

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A beautiful exploration in photographs of the walks the author takes with her cats along their local Pembrokeshire coast

It’s about walking, but not really covering distance. The same paths are travelled, but each time the light, the season, the thoughts inside make it different. It does have something to do with the character of cats, but also to do with writing, looking, seeing, being in a place.

Author, illustrator, and photographer Jackie Morris explores her native Pembrokeshire in the company of her feline friends—or rather, they explore the countryside while she tags along taking pictures. More than 100 pictures with diary notes tell the story of many walks with many cats. Challenging perceptions and rearranging priorities, Jackie’s insightful poetry and prose allows a glimpse of a world in which cat is king and nature its subject. Ordered and regulated by season, you will find that, although the landscape of Cat Walk may be familiar, what is seen is most certainly different.


Jackie Morris's books are published in 17 languages. She lives in a small cottage on the remote Pembrokeshire coast in West Wales. Jackie’s work is informed by her deep love of nature, exploring the worlds of bears, cats, birds, and whales. She is the editor and illustrator of The Barefoot Book of Classic Poems and the author and illustrator of The Snow Leopard and Tell Me a Dragon. Tom Cox has written articles, reviews, and features for Esquire, the Guardian, the Observer, the Telegraph, and the Times. He is the author of The Lost Tribes of Pop, Talk to the Tail, and Under the Paw.