Lifestyle Worship
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You have been called to be a worshipper first and foremost, and to live your life in the presence of God. Knowing God and expressing your love for Him is to be a daily part of your life, with Praise and Thanksgiving fl owing effortlessly from your heart. As a Royal Priest under the New Covenant you have a ministry; to continually minister to the Fathers heart. This is something King David learnt very early in his life; opening his heart and expressing his love became a lifestyle to him. In Lifestyle Worship you learn the same principles King David applied to his life; his worship was based on intimacy not ceremony, he lived his life to love God first and foremost and not only to serve Him. You will discover: - The various Hebrew expressions of Praise - The power of thanksgiving - A working definition of worship - A personal lifestyle of worship - How to touch the heart of God - Restore peace to your life as you minister to the Fathers heart - The person God created you to be. Lifestyle worship has been written in a workbook format, giving you time to ponder and reflect, as well as allow God the opportunity to speak into your life in a personal way. You will find a new sense of freedom in Christ where worship will no longer be confined to a Sunday service, but a daily rejoicing in Christ your Lord and Saviour. Among the wonderful, heady Theology, it became quickly evident that it was the calling on his life, to guide his students into a deep and familiar relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Orlando has my everlasting gratitude for the things he has taught me, for the revelations he has guided me through and for the realization of the freedom I now enjoy in worship. Kaye Kelly, student Brisbane Faith College International.

Exhibited At: International book fairs