Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls
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More About This Title Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls


"This is a true story that takes place on a hill country farm in New Zealand. It is about a little black calf called Ebony who is born in a creek, and only has a short time to live unless she is rescued quickly. This is told from Ebony?s point of view; and is an exciting and accurate tale of the beginning of her life. Does she get rescued? What happens next?

This story is ideal for children who love animals, and gives them an insight into life on a farm in the spring. This is just one of the many stories Anita Lamb is writing based on factual and often humorous events on their farm. Though they are written for children, anyone who loves animals will find they enjoy reading these stories. Some of the events that take place are quite remarkable."

Exhibited At: International book fairs