The Baker Boys
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The remarkable account of a Suffolk family from Woolpit up until, and including, WW1; and of two of its sons; - one from England and the other from New Zealand. One would experience the plight of those at Gallipoli, Egypt, and in Palestine as a medical orderly on hospital ships and then in the Mounted Field Ambulance, while the other would have his destiny played out with the 10th Worcesters on the Western Front in France.

This is a true story (with over 950 supporting images) that covers hardship and sacrifice; from prison hulks on the Thames to the vagaries of WW1 at sea, on the ground, and in the air. It takes the reader on the journeys of New Zealand's hospital ships, to air attacks at Gallipoli, and Zeppelins over England; from U boats and disaster at sea, to the horrors of the battle of the Somme. From the US's entry into the war to hospitality in Panama and onto the Heights of Moab. It was a time when love, hardship and duty were forged together with the fighting of a war that was supposedly the 'War to End all Wars'.


A young 63 year old New Zealander from the South Island with a passion for genealogy, little known military history (particularly WW1)
who writes to make understanding history a story journey with numerous supporting images on most pages throughout his works.


This is a substantial book of 914 pages in 25 parts, with over 950 images.
Additionally supported by the Chatham Islands Postal Service with a stamp set, (that can be obtained independently), represented throughout.


Highly recommend this book
By C J Hunt on April 3, 2015
Format: Paperback
What an amazing read! I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. It's full of fantastic pictures which really helped bring the history to life. Nothing quite like it out there. I highly recommend to anyone interested in 20th century war time history. I hear this author has another novel being released soon which I can't wait to get my hands on.

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