Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness
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More About This Title Poetic Thoughts in the Keys of Happiness


Poetic Thoughts in the keys of happiness is a feel good book of poems and poetic readings all about events of disbelief, unfairness, inspiration, separation, excitement, Love at first sight, reminiscence, healing, encouragement, and making connections THAT BROUGHT ABOUT ARBRITRARY EMOTIONS in the author’s life . It is a book that will ensure positive thinking for women and to also expound words of wisdom to help you become aware of the reasons people enter your life. Some may have great intentions and then there is always the chance of some just being there unwarranted. It is my aspiration and complete elucidation that everyone who reads this book is able to gain reconciliation, reconnection, remembrance, or reflection on something or someone from a past or current relationship.

“Correct me If I Am Wrong” is a poem taking on what I call “Lying Appeasers” or “Love scammers”. The poem exposes vindictiveness for game players, big daddies, sugar daddies, and ballers, that scheme their way into your life by lying, being deceitful, lust, and cheating. These men feel that a woman is defined by having a man like them in their life. “Correct Me If I’ Wrong” deals with men that use unscrupulous behavior to weaken a woman to give in to their antics by giving her “All in All” to them, while he is continuously and obnoxiously carrying on intimate relationships with others and yet trying to scam for your undying affection. (Please if you find a pair of thongs in his car and he tells you they belong to his homey’s girl, Susie Wong—hang up the phone and disconnect the charger—more lies are coming.

Exhibited At: International book fairs