Symphonies of Life
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The work of Eman Abid is replete with the language of hopefulness, aspiration and wonder, and with an obvious love for the endless possibilities of life itself. Her work is, indeed, about the symphonies of life composed every day, by the high-born and the humble of this world. Each human composition is made of moments of deep contemplation, times of simple pleasure, or points where we find ourselves between a rock and hard place. These very moments are the stuff of life, and Eman's work brings us into the midst of it and shows us the subtle, transformative power of philosophic observation.
Sandra K. Alexander
American University in Dubai,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
August 2013

To me, Eman Abid's poetic images and morals show the marks of being formed in the crucible of the emerging city of Dubai, the textbook instance of rapid modernization and globalization, and she wonderfully engages the challenges to traditional regional mores and ways of life that the city presents. Many of these poems have implications well beyond Dubai for modern societies that have moved so far from their roots, but only Dubai, a city whose rise to ultra-modernism and economic wealth has happened so rapidly, could give birth to the rich juxtaposition of the deep traditionalism and chic couture of our Eman Abid's poetry. Her poems are truly a monument to the region and one of the region's richer gifts of culture to the world.
Cory Lowell Grewell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English American University in Dubai

Symphonies of Life invites you to greet the 'light' with courage and hope, both of which shine like a beacon within our very souls. Once you begin to believe, the darkness begins to leave... "May Symphonies of Life guide you to your light."

Exhibited At: International book fairs