The Origin of the Races and Destruction of Man by Man
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More About This Title The Origin of the Races and Destruction of Man by Man


This book is a source of indispensable information about the life of man on this planet earth. Read about where man came from as opposed to the notion that man evolved from lower forms of life, how he got to where he is and how man destroys his own kind while in his pursuit for wealth. Learn about the twelve tribes of Jacob and their occupation of the Land of Canaan. Know how many tribes of Jacob constitute the tribe of Israel. Read how God dictated land boundaries in the Holy Land when the Land of Canaan was divided among the twelve tribes of Jacob. Read about how the earth was divided and how languages were multiplied out of the Hebrew language. Read about how the city of the Jebusites ?Jebu? was renamed Jerusalem. Read about the many translations of the Bible and why, how Africa got its name, the naming of the River Nile, the naming of Mumbay, Bombay, the Founding of Somalia in East Africa by remnants of Sumerians and the Founding of Haiti by remnants of Hittites. Know how HIV ? AIDS was manufactured in a laboratory and how it was passed on to the human race. Also read about the history and the greatness of the ?Dark Skin Race? commonly called the ?Black Race? and the story of Martin Luther King Sr and Jr in America. Read how and where slavery actually started from and when. Know more about the Old and the New Slavery, as well as the Old and the New Law. Read about the Origin of the Black Jews in Africa. Know who Menyelek the 1st was and how he took the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem to Ethiopia. Read about the Land of Sheba and how it became the Land of the tribes of Nyiika and more.

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