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This book gives teenagers the power to succeed. Based on the awareness of limiting belief systems and the ‘success principles’ that can be used to overcome them, Make It Happen! empowers its readers to become the architects of their own future. This book keeps pace with teenage perspectives, acting as an invaluable support text both at home and at school. Combining well established, proven success methods with an innovative and inspiring layout, it will readily appeal to an often reluctant audience. The impact of the book is in its variety of presentation methods, providing the interaction that teenage culture demands.

Manuscript Details
The book was published in Ireland by Liberties Press in April 2011. The authors retain international rights and are now seeking a publisher/publishers to print the book in different languages/geographies. The complete manuscript is provided as part of this email.

Command your own success – Make It Happen!
From the enlightening Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill in 1937, to Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret (2006), the principles of success and belief have been universally acknowledged. Yet many people do not achieve awareness of their belief system until they are adults. We know that the sooner a person can learn the tools of success, the sooner they can believe and achieve. This book addresses this need for early understanding by targeting a teenage audience. With the information presented in an attractive, contemporary format, the reader is introduced to the limits and potential of their belief system and then provided with the tools and understanding to create their success.

At present there are a limited number of books covering this topic from a teenage perspective, but it is a growing market. Make It Happen! will stand out in this market not only by its attention-grabbing title, but also by its innovative and teen-friendly approach to principles almost 100 years old. The strength of Make It Happen! lies in harnessing the teenage zeitgeist of bite-sized information presented in an informal and interactive manner. Through this divergent structure we catch and maintain the teenage reader’s attention, making it a book that will be read from start to finish. To be marketed as a success guide or manual (with the potential for an accompanying workbook), this book will inspire and, more importantly, empower.

Engaging with the reader directly, the book’s tone remains conversational and unassuming, allowing the reader to trust the information and suggestions they are offered. The book uses its variety of writing and presentation methods to engage with the highest possible number of readers.

Audience, Marketplace & Promotion
Make It Happen! will be of interest to a teenage audience, particularly those from 14 to 18 who are deciding on, or are unsure of, their life direction. It will be primarily for teenagers to read independently but has the secondary purpose of being used in a school or college setting. Here it may be incorporated into the, Social, Personal and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum or used as part of careers provision. As well as its main audience, it will also be of benefit to those who interact with teenagers i.e. teachers, youth leaders, parents, etc.

This book will sell in both the personal development and study guide section of high street retailers, such as W H Smith, as well as through web channels such as Amazon and Waterstones online.
Promotion of the book will be maximised by creating two strands: direct marketing to the teenager, as well as marketing to the parent/guardian who purchase the book on the teenager’s behalf. In the first case, online promotion will be an asset, using trailers on websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Here, endorsements by other teenagers will prove vital to its success. Parent/guardian
marketing will be best served by print methods in quality press, where endorsements from subject experts, teachers, etc. will confirm the text’s credentials.

Both schools and colleges will also have an interest in the book and may be reached via educational press and direct targeting. Features in publications such as Educational Supplements would prove invaluable; whilst the authors would be willing to promote the book to schools directly with an accompanying presentation to the students.


Philip O’Callaghan is co-founder of The Super Generation and is the managing director of Peak Learning Ltd., which supplies goods and services to Irish schools. He has worked in the education sector all his life, having worked as a secondary teacher for 10 years in Naas CBS and St. David’s CBS, Artane. He is a Licensed NLP Practitioner and received his training from the founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.
Philip has a passion for education in all its forms – he is currently completing an MBA in the University of Warwick, whilst working full-time to develop The Super Generation.

Padraig Lawlor is a Licensed NLP Practitioner, with qualifications from the Irish Institute of NLP. Having studied with some of the best Personal Development teachers, Padraig is now the Lead Trainer and Managing Director of The Super Generation. which he joined to pursue his passion for education and learning.
Padraig left his career as an Engineer to pursue his long term goal of becoming an entrepreneur in education and learning. He now follows his true passions of health and fitness, travel, education and contribution. Padraig has travelled much of the world, overcoming many of his fears along the way.


Section 1: Introduction to Success
Episcode 1: Its all in the Mind
Episcode 2: Dream Big
Episcode 3: Break the Barriers
Episcode 4: The Secret to Success
Section 2:
Episcode 5: See your Success
Episcode 6: Understand It
Episcode 7: Plan Your Path
Episcode 8: Execute and Reward

Section 3:
Episcode 9: An Atitude of Graditude
Episcode 10: Use the Force
Episcode 11: Heads to Tails
Episcode 12: Team Game
Episcode 13: Manage Your Thoughts
Episcode 14: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk
Episcode 15: Never say Never