Social Care of the Elderly
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"A welcome addition to the literature in this important area of work, that builds on...the empirical studies which have illuminated our understanding of the requirements of effective service provision. The final, in a real sense, a call for action, for all of us in the field and for public officials and 'opinion makers' to respond to the need for 'Social Care' now and in the new millenium."--from the foreword by Rose Dobrof, DSW, Brookdale Professor of Gerontology, Hunter College, and James R. Dumpson, PhD, Chairman of Policy Center for Aging, New York Community Trust
Based on two groundbreaking studies of older people in an urban setting, this important book focuses on access to social services for different ethnicities. Cantor and Brennan review different models and provide the theoretical base for the book in Part I. They describe ways in which the complementary roles of informal and formal systems change as a function of the health status of older people. In Part II, they illustrate the ways in which ethnicity, class, and culture affect the roles of the formal and informal systems by focusing on specific case studies of African American, Latino, and Jewish elderly.Forword
Part I: The Theory of Social Care
Social Care Among the Elderly: An Introduction
Social Care in the United States
Preferences on the Part of the Elderly for Assistance
Part II: The Practice of Social Care: Three Case Studies of Older New Yorkers
Introduction to the Case Studies
Growing Older and Jewish in New York City in the 1990s
The Older Latinos of New York City in the 1990s
Growing Older and African American in New York City in the 1990s
Part III: The Future of Social Care: Implications for Policy and Practice
THe Elderly and the Informal Social Care System of the Twenty-first Century
The Future of Formal Community-Based Social Care
Appendix A: Study Methodologies of "The Elderly in the Inner City of New York" and "Growing Older in New York City in the 1990s"