A Habit of Resistance
A quirky group of nuns join the French Resistance in WWII! Hilarious and thought-provoking!
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More About This Title A Habit of Resistance


A Habit of Resistance, is the exciting story of a quirky group of nuns who progress from having a small gun club to joining the French Resistance during WWII.  Sister Marie's latest novitiate is a young woman named Noele whose fiancé, René, fled to Paris only to find it overrun by the Nazis.  Now back in sleepy Brassac, both René and Noele realize that decisions of love and liberation can never, truly, be avoided.  Sister Marie is not unsympathetic to the emotions with which Noele battles; having gone through a similar struggle when she was young.  The offbeat nuns must wrestle with how far to expand the margins of their vows, in hopes of saving their town and themselves.  A Habit of Resistance is a humorous, but thought-provoking story of personal denial and redemption.


Fernando Torres is the author of the fantasy novel, The Shadow That Endures and the newly released historical fiction, "A Habit of Resistance." He enjoys writing stories that explore the moral dilemmas inherent in the human condition, but from a humorous point-of-view. Early in his career, he created the definitive definition of media interactivity stating that it is, "a particular medium's ability to facilitate the properties necessary in an ideal conversation." At ABC/Disney, Inc., he worked behind the scenes on such shows as Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Grace Under Fire, Home Improvement, My Wife and Kids, and the Power Rangers; to name just a few. Having the opportunity to associate with many of his generation's most talented writers and producers, his style developed a light, humorous edge that continues to influence his writing to this day. During his time at ABC/Disney, Inc., he also was asked to contribute to the Writer's Development program. An instrument-rated pilot, he sees flight as a gateway to inspiration.