Differentiating Normal and Abnormal Personality
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"This updated and expanded second edition of this influential book has no competition. There is no competition because there are no other books like it on the market and also because of the breadth and importance of the topics that are covered by leading-edge researchers in the field....Would be an excellent centerpiece for graduate courses in personality psychology. It provides state-of-the-art reviews of theories, statistical methods, assessment methods, and research findings. The topics and the quality of the writing should make the book highly appealing to students in both personality and abnormal psychology."--PsycCRITIQUES

This long-awaited, completely new update to a classic text offers a state-of-the-art overview of a rapidly growing field that seeks to integrate the study of normal and abnormal personality. Written by some of the most influential personologists of the 21st century, including Aaron Beck, C. Robert Cloninger, Robert McCrae, and Theodore Millon, chapters show how current theories, statistical methods, and assessment instruments can be used to understand the entire spectrum of personality functioning, from normal to disordered.

With graduate students and professionals new to the field in mind, this book provides information about the central issues that are being addressed by researchers and clinicians in the realm of normal-abnormal personality today. In addition, it provides essential terminology, ideas, and methods that are unique to the field at large as well as basic tools needed to become a participant in normal-abnormal psychology. Divided into three parts, the book presents an overview of major theories, statistical methods, and measurement instruments, including:Seven influential models of personality and psychopathology Four statistical methods for use in taxonomy, diagnosis, similarities and differences between normal and abnormal personality, and genetic and environmental influences Problems and pitfalls in designing empirical studies in the realm of normal-abnormal personality Empirically-based introductions and reviews of five widely-used instruments for assessing normal-abnormal personality


Foreword by Auke Tellegen

Introduction by Stephen Strack


Part I: Theoretical Perspectives
Millon's Evolutionary Model for Unifying the Study of Normal and Abnormal Personality, Theodore Millon and Seth D. Grossman
Psychopathology from the Perspective of the Five-Factor Model, Robert R. McCrae
Differentiating Personality Deviance, Normality, and Well-Being by the Seven-Factor Psychobiological Model, C. Robert Cloninger
Interpersonal Theory and the Interpersonal Circumplex: Evolving Perspectives on Normal and Abnormal Personality, Aaron L. Pincus and Michael B. Gurtman
Cognitive Theory of Personality and Personality Disorders, Marjorie E. Weishaar and Aaron T. Beck
Psychobiological Models and Issues, Gordon Claridge
Differentiating Normal and Abnormal Personality from the Perspective of the DSM, Douglas B. Samuel and Thomas A. Widiger

Part II: Methodology
Problems and Pitfalls in Designing Research on Normal-Abnormal Personality, Stephen Strack
Principles of Exploratory Factor Analysis, Lewis R. Goldberg and Wayne F. Velicer
Latent Variable Modeling: Representing the Structural Continuity and Discontinuity of Normal and Abnormal Personality, Kristian E. Markon and Robert F. Krueger
Methods for Understanding Genetic and Environmental Influences in Normal and Abnormal Personality, Laura A. Baker
Taxometrics, Nick Haslam and Ben Williams

Part III: Measurement and Assessment
Assessment of Maladaptive Personality Traits, Thomas A. Widiger, Paul T.
Costa, Jr., and Douglas B. Samuel
Differentiating Normal From Abnormal Personality With the MMPI-2,
Yossef S. Ben-Porath
Interpersonal Circumplex Measures, Kenneth D. Locke
The Dimensional Assessment of Personality Pathology (DAPP) Approach to Personality Disorder, W. John Livesley
The Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality (SNAP): A Dimensional Measure of Traits Relevant to Personality and Personality Pathology, Leonard J. Simms and Lee Anna Clark
The Personality Assessment Inventory and the Measurement of Normal and Abnormal Personality Constructs, Leslie C. Morey and Christopher J. Hopwood
Rorschach Assessment of Normal and Abnormal Personality, Ronald J. Ganellen

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