The Psychologies in Religion
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"This book is really a manual that every therapist should have, if he or she does not already have the knowledge and insight contained within its pages. ...Infinitely enjoyable"--PsycCRITIQUES
Religious upbringing influences people in ways that are difficult or impossible to describe; this book provides a "window on their world." The Psychologies of Religion examines the thinking, personality, and development processes as well as specific clinical concerns of clients who are members of particular religious groups. Each contributing author brings dual expertise to their chapters, expertise about a particular religion and psychological sophistication; a look from the inside out. In addition, the book covers possible future religious development as spiritualism beings to replace institutional religion and as religious choice replaces religious constraint.

All therapists who want to understand how religious people really think will find this book helpful.


Foreword, Robert L. Leahy, PhD
Religion for Psychotherapists: The Psychologies in Religion Versus the Psychology of Religion, Stevan L. Nielsen & E. Thomas Dowd
Bricolage: The Postmodern Eclectic (Identifying Syncretistic Religious Cosmologies), James R. Beebe

Section I: The Sacramental Traditions

Catholicism and Psychology, Kevin Gillespie

Beloved to God: An Eastern Orthodox Anthropology, Elizabeth Gassin & J. Stephen Muse

Lutherans, Christine Maguth Nezu, David E. Farley, & Arthur M. Nezu

Section II: The Mainliners

Mainline Protestants: Christian Faith in the Reflective Tradition, Donald L. Bubenzer, Amy B. Quillin, & Paul Ashby

Section III: The Outsiders

Evangelicalism, Mark A. Yarhouse & Stephen R. Russell

Conservative Christianity: A New Emerging Culture, John R. Belcher

Fundamentalism, Sara Savage

Section IV: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Psychological Models Inherent in Doctrine and Practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Dianne L. Nielsen, Daniel K. Judd, & Stevan Lars Nielsen

The Family: A Proclamation to the World

Section V: The Judaic Traditions

Liberal Judaism, Ira S. Halper & Amy Ruth Bolton

Orthodox Judaism: Features and Issues for Psychotherapy, Kate Miriam Loewenthal

Section VI: The Islamic Traditions

Psychology and Sunni Muslims, Saba Rasheed Ali

Psychology and Shia Muslims, Amina Mahmood

Section VII: The Spiritual Traditions

The Spiritualistic Tradition, Rebecca Murray & Michael E. Nielsen

The Varieties of Buddhism, Neharika Chawla & G. Alan Marlett

Religion for Psychotherapists: Summary & Commentary, E. Thomas Dowd & Stevan L. Nielsen