Cognitive and Constructive Psychotherapies
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" the entire field of psychological services is moving through a developmental transformation of significant proportions open dialogue regarding its diversity is likely to be one of its saving graces in the centuries to come." - From the Editor's Conclusion Updated and expanded from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Dr. Mahoney has assembled an impressive group of top psychologists to focus on current developments in cognitive and constructive psychotherapies. The volume traces the evolution of cognitive therapy from its origin in behavior modification through its development and maturation as an integrative system of therapy.Contributors Preface Acknowledgments Part I: Introduction Theoretical Developments in the Cognitive and Constructive Psychotherapies, Michael J. Mahoney Changing Conceptions of Cognitive Behavior Modification: Retrospect and Prospect, Donald Meichenbaum Part II: Cognitive Therapy Cognitive Therapy: Past, Present, and Future, Aaron T. Beck An Appraisal of Cognitive Therapy, Clive J. Robins and Adele M. Hayes Part III: Rational-Emotive Therapy Reflections on Rational-Emotive Therapy, Albert Ellis An Appraisal of Rational-Emotive Therapy, David A. F. Haaga and Gerald C. Davison Part IV: The Constructive Psychotherapies A Constructivist Outline of Human Knowing Processes, Vittorio F. Guidano Constructive Metatheory and the Nature of Mental Representation, Michael J. Mahoney, H. Martin Miller, and Giampiero Arciero Personal Construct Therapy and the Relation Between Cognition and Affect, Kenneth W. Sewell Cognitive Narrative Psychotherapy: The Hermeneutic Construction of Alternative Meanings, Oscar F. Goncalves An Appraisal of Constructivist Psychotherapies: Contexts and Challenges, Robert A. Neimeyer The Cognitive and Constructive Psychotherapies: Contexts and Challenges, Michael J. Mahoney Index