Six Therapists and One Client
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How would therapists using different theoretical systems handle the very same client? This volume demonstrates how six therapists working within the structures of six different major theoretical orientations would treat the same person. Approaches include - Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Lankton) REBT (Ellis), Multimodal Therapy (Lazarus), Individual Psychotherapy (Corsini), Person-centered Therapy (Zimring), and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (McGrady). Each therapist explains the thinking that underpins his or her clinical interventions. It is this thinking aloud methodology which makes each chapter an invaluable text for psychotherapy students. Each chapter is followed by a critique by experts in the field.Preface Introduction Intake Interview with The Client Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Therapist - Stephen Lankton, Critic - Betty Alice Erickson Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Therapist - Albert Ellis, Critic - Shawn Blau Multimodal Therapy, Therapist - Arnold Lazarus, Critic - Alice Goodloe Whipple Individual (Adlerian) Psychotherapy, Therapist - Raymond J. Corsini, Critic - Harold H. Mosak Person-centered Therapy, Therapist - Fred Zimring, Critic - Nathanial J. Raskin Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Therapist - Barbara McCrady, Critic - G. Terence Wilson