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"Here is the latest word in scholarship on stalkers and those they terrify... a mandatory reading for anyone wanting to stay ahead of the curve on the flourishing clinical and legal literature about this worldwide and vexing problem." - John Monahan, PhD Doherty Professor of Law, University of Virginia At what point does following a person, or trying to intimidate him or her into accepting one's advances, become "stalking"? How is stalking related to gender? Who is the stalker? What are the long-term effects of stalking? These are among the many issues explored in this groundbreaking empirical investigation. This book based on two special issues of the journal Violence & Victims presents in-depth findings on both victim and perpetrator, and includes a new understanding of the categories of stalking behavior: simple obsessional, love obsessional, and erotomanic. Preface Perspectives on Stalking Research, I. Hanson & K.E. Davis Victimization Issues Comparing Stalking Victimization From Legal and Victim Perspectives, P. Tjaden, N. Thoennes, & C.J. Allison Stalking Victimization: Clinical Implications for Assessment and Intervention, M.B. Mechanic Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking Behavior: Exploration of Patterns and Correlates in a Sample of Acutely Battered Women, M.B. Mechanic, T.L. Weaver, & P.A. Resick The Impact of Severe Stalking Experienced by Acutely Battered Women: An Examination of Violence, Psychological Symptoms and Strategic Responding, M.B. Mechanic, M.H. Uhlmansiek, T.L. Weaver, & P. A. Resick An Empirical Study of Stalking Victimization, B. Bjerregaard Obsessive Relational Intrusion: Incidence Perceived Severity, and Coping, W.R.Cupach & B.H. Spitzberg Perpetrator Issues An Integrative Contextual Developmental Model of Male Stalking, J. White, R. M. Kowalski, A. Lyndon, S. Valentine Initial Courtship Behavior and Stalking: How Should We Draw the Line?, H.C. Sinclair & I.H. Frieze Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Unwanted Pursuit Behaviors Following the Dissolution of a Romatic Relationship, J. Langhinrichsen-Rohling, R.E. Palarea, J. Cohen, & M. L. Rohling Stalking Perpetrators and Psychological Management of Partners: Anger-Jealousy, Attachment Insecurity, Need for Control, and Break-up Context, K.E. Davis, A. Ace, & M. Andra Stalking as a Variant of Intimate Violence: Implications from a Young Adult Sample, T.K. Logan, C. Leukefeld, & B. Walker Stalking by Former Intimates: Verbal Threats and Other Predictors of Physical Violence, M.P. Brewster Negative Family-of-Origin Experiences: Are They Associated with Perpetrating Unwanted Pursuit Behaviors?, J. Langhinrichsen-Rohling & M. Rohling The Role of Stalking in Domestic Violence Crime Reports Generated by the Colorado Springs Police Department, P. Tjaden & N. Thoenes Research on Stalking: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go?, K.E. Davis & I.H. Frieze