Victim Assistance
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Based on the acclaimed professional certificate program, Advanced Institute on Victim Studies: Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance, this book identifies core content areas essential for practitioners working with crime victims. Recognizing the multidisciplined, multisystem field that encompasses victim assistance, the contributors present a solid foundation of the varying concepts and theories on victims and victims services. The balance of the text addresses the skills and strategies needed to enhance services to victims at the individual, organizational, and societal levels. Each chapter concludes with an analysis and application section, including representative scenarios and key questions for review.

For Further Information, Please Click Here!Contents Contributors Introduction and Overview Acknowledgements Concepts of Victims Assistance, T.L. Underwood Ecological Perspective of Victimization, N.D. Palmer and T.L. Underwood Exploring Attitudes Toward Violence and Victimization, T.L. Underwood and S.D. Walker Barriers to Service, R. Ellis and K. Hart The Psychological and Physiological Impact of Stress, D.L. Petersen and S.D. Walker Trauma and the Crime Victim, D.L. Petersen The Justice System and Victims, T.L. Underwood Victims of Sexual Abuse and Assault: Adults and Children, N. Palmer and C. Edmunds Victims of Criminal Death, C. Edmunds, D.L. Petersen and T.L. Underwood Violence within Family Systems, N. Palmer and C. Edmunds Victims of Hate and Bias Crimes, R. Ellis Victim Advocacy and Public Policy, C. Edmunds and T.L. Underwood Issues for the Profession, T.L. Underwood