Erasing Adversity
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Erasing a pencil error is easier than removing one written in ink. Likewise, when adverse moments happen to us, we can box ourselves in by feeling that things are permanent. We set our own limitations by refusing to recognize there are other approaches. Erasing Adversity gives us hope and helps with healing. It assists us in recognizing when things go terribly wrong that there are options and opportunities. Let the situation you have at hand commission you to think and move forward. Loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, illness, or anything that has halted you from loving life fully has a silver lining. It is learning to recognize and embrace what is still available that can help us to recreate happiness. It is when something is missing that we learn its value!


Linda Gullo is a longtime resident and businesswoman of Crystal Lake, Illinois. Her experience in teaching, ministry, and psychotherapy combine to offer superb services at Delight in Living, Ltd. Linda provides counseling care that focuses on relationship building, anxiety, grieving, depression, and traumatic brain injury support. She works with adults, families, and teenagers. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor, a licensed teacher, and a certified mediator. Her passion for helping people extends to volunteering in many community activities.

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