Dawn and Sunset
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Dawn and Sunset tells the story of the earliest urban communities on earth that mushroomed in Mesopotamia throughout the fourth and third millennia BCE. The study of Sumerian society teaches a lesson about our own times as the roots of modern civilization have grown from that setting. The writer researches various aspects of the ancient city-state: its religion, administration, bureaucracy, agriculture, arts and crafts, foreign trade, laws, social classes, and warfare-a real gift for those who love the history of mankind and the Ancient Near East.


Michael Baizerman is an amateur historian with keen interest in the origin of ancient civilizations. His book is based on online long-term research on the emergence, blossom, and demise of Sumerian complex society. The atmosphere of the fourth and especially the third millennia in Mesopotamia is rendered through archeological, pictorial, and textual background. For the second edition, many facts have been added, and even the concept of the book has undergone considerable changes. A few extracts from the book were published on popular sites, such as ibuzzle.com and on academic sites like academia.edu. The writer is currently working on his second book on the attitude of the Latin West to the East on the eve of the Age of Discovery. Having grown up in Moscow, Russia, he currently lives in Israel, where he works as a high school English teacher.

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