Tales of a Country Doctor
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One cold winter night, on my way to have dinner with friends, I got stuck in traffic. There had been an accident at the lights ahead. As I sat there in the dark and the wet, waiting for the mess to be cleared, I glanced across the road. There on a noticeboard outside a rundown weatherboard church was a message ?Unless you change direction you will end up where you are going?. ?It?s a sign,? I said, ?Ha ha!? But I had already taken the message to heart. Paul Carter was a successful doctor with a thriving practice in Melbourne but his personal life had reached a crossroads and the buzz of the city had turned to a grey and grimy drudge. The answer to his problems he decided, was to move to the country to a house on a hill overlooking a lake. Tales of A Country Doctor are Paul?s stories of adjusting to life in a small town, and how he came to meet his best mate Hardy, the Munsterlander. Compelling, delightful and surprising, these charming stories of life, loss and healing in a country town will transport you and renew your faith in humanity.


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