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Ian is a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who is about to go on a journey of change - whether he likes it or not. He will be expected to explore, challenge and radically recast the complex, often hostile relationships that can exist between a business and the people in its Information Technology (IT) department. On the way, Ian, his Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other key stakeholders, experience a transformation in how a business needs to think about the value of its IT people and the work that they do. This results in some truly groundbreaking innovations in the scope and contribution of Ian’s role as CIO, the people that work for him and the strategy that he leads.

Watch the characters in this extraordinary business novel as they meet the challenge, struggle and grow. Share in Ian’s transformation, and join the author in observing key messages as the adventure unfolds.

Part entertaining novel and part enlightening textbook - FruITion takes the reader through a discovery process revealing indispensable messages about the next generation of strategies for Information Technology.
- Jeremy Hall, Managing Director, IRM UK Strategic IT Training

FruITion brings vividly to life the issues of being a CIO in todays corporate world and how IT, when properly integrated into the objectives of a business can drive massive value creation. His insights into how to win the engagement war and bring technology strategies alive for the non technical are absolutely spot on.
- Steve Adams, COO and Managing Director for Card Services, Euronet Worldwide

The modern CIO is to be seen as part of the business rather than a service provider to the business. Chris Potts is at the forefront of thinking that will put us all there if we act on his inspiration.
- David Brown, CIO of Scottish Water

More from the author, Chris Potts:
The debate over the CIO role, and about the extent to which it should be about business or technology, is taking place in an increasing vacuum of strategic context. Some CIOs have abandoned strategy altogether, while others persevere with a traditional IT Strategy founded in the mindset of the mainframe era. Meanwhile, business managers and staff continue to develop their knowledge of technology and understanding of how to exploit it. There seems to be a presumption that the next-generation strategic purpose of the CIO will be an incremental step on from what has gone before – significant, maybe, but still incremental. What if the CIO’s new strategic context is not incremental but disruptive, requiring a very different mindset and skillset? And, most crucially, what if the corporate strategists – rather than the CIO community – are the ones deciding what context is? Their offer to the CIO: you can become one of the corporate strategists like us, but not with your traditional scope and approach to strategy. What does that offer look like and what does it mean for incumbent CIOs and the people who work for them?


Chris Potts is a corporate strategist and executive mentor, who works with people around the world growing the value they deliver through investing in change and IT.